Dog yoga class sets new world record in Hong Kong

Beijing :Two hundred and seventy dogs and their flexible owners in Hong Kong have stretched their way to a new ‘doga’ world record.

The 270 pets took part in the dog yoga, or ‘doga’, session in Hong Kong yesterday, which lasted for an hour.

Led by ‘doga’ teacher, Suzette Ackerman, the participants massaged, twisted and stretched their furry friends in a series of poses. Ackerman said doga is a great way to bond and relax with the pets in fast-paced cities like Hong Kong.

“I think it’s important. I think today they had fun. And people in Hong Kong are very busy with work. Like 24/7 working. A lot of them have pets but usually it’s the helpers that take the dogs out for walks,” Ackerman was quoted as saying by International Business Times.

“And I think that if you come up for a ‘doga’ class, you have at least an hour when you are connecting with your pet. It’s just you and your pet. There’s no TV in between, there’s no people calling you up, or internet or Facebooking halfway. So you have a whole hour bonding with your pet. I think it’s good,” she added.

One participant, Susan Chan with her dog Sunshine, said she was honoured to have been part of a new world record and said she wanted to continue with the practice.

“I feel really, really good. It’s kind of a really close relationship with my dog. Getting close to him. And the heart to heart. I like it,” said Chan.

The record-breaking attempt has yet to be confirmed by the Guinness World Records but organisers were confident the record had been broken. The previous record for largest ‘doga’ class was set in San Diego on January 25, 2015 with 265 people and their pups participating.

All proceeds from the Hong Kong event will go to the Hong Kong Guide Dog Association, the report said.