Doctors from Abu Dhabi visit Eman Ahmed in Mumbai

Mumbai: A team of doctors from Abu Dhabi visited the Saifee hospital here to meet Egyptian woman Eman Ahmed, who is being treated for obesity at the medical facility.

The doctors from VPS Healthcare hospital in Abu Dhabi yesterday visited the hospital in south Mumbai where the staff cooperated with them, Doctor Aparna Bhaskar, one of the specialists in the team treating Eman, said today.

The team shared all of Eman’s medical reports with the visiting doctors. They met the patient while she was undergoing physiotherapy sessions, she said.

The Abu Dhabi doctors visited Eman upon her sister Shaimaa Selim’s request.

Eman weighed around 500 kg when she was brought to Mumbai in February.

Selim had recently alleged that the doctors at Saifee hospital made “false claims” about Eman’s weight loss of 262 kg from 500 kg.

Refuting the allegations, Bhaskar said on Tuesday that Selim may be criticising the doctors to extend her sister’s stay at the hospital.

In a video posted online, Selim recently said that Doctor Muffazal Lakdawala, the bariatric surgeon who is leading the team of doctors treating Eman, has made “false claims” about her complete recovery and weight loss.

Lakdawala had on April 11 said that Eman has so far lost 262 kg during the treatment.

Eman’s sister is said to be planning to shift her out of India for a “better” treatment.

A member of the patient coordination team of Lakdawala also confirmed the visit of doctors from Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, the Saifee hospital has also invited a team of experts from various medical fields to visit Eman today and review her health condition.

The doctors at Saifee want a third party opinion on Eman’s health condition as her sister’s allegations have upset many from the team of experts treating her.

Selim has lately been criticising Lakdawala’s team and the hospital for allegedly not treating her sister properly.

Lakdawala, however, refuted the allegations earlier and stated that in his capacity as a bariatric surgeon he had done his job properly.

“The efficiency of Eman’s body parts has been increased from 5 per cent to over 70 per cent,” he had said.

He also said that her neurological problems were being addressed by specialists.

Last month, Eman underwent her first bariatric surgery in which doctors reduced two-third of her stomach size. Her genetic tests show she has a rare gene mutation that cannot be cured through surgery.