‘DNA’ controversy question of ‘Bihari Asmita,’, says Nitish

New Delhi, Aug 5 : Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who had earlier strongly objected via an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘DNA’ remark during his visit to Patna last month, rejected suggestions that it was an election issue and said that it was a question of “Bihari Asmita (Pride)”.

When asked on his Twitter programme hashtag AskNitish “After #NKLetterToModi is this ‘DNA” controversy a major election issue for you? Or about all Biharis?,” Nitish replied: “It is not an election issue for me. It is a question of ‘Bihari Asmita’.”

Answering the question whether caste is not a big factor in elections, he said caste is the reality of Indian society and Bihar is no different from any other state.

Responding to another question “#NKLetterToModi says Biharis insulted. But BJP says PM comment was on your shifting loyalties?” Nitish posted a video of “Modi Insults Bihari DNA” and said: “His comment was about my DNA. This is for everyone to see. Modi and Gadkari spitting venom against people of Bihari by comeenting on their DNA.”

When asked “#NKLetterToModi says PM must withdraw ‘ DNA” comment. What made you write letter now?”, Nitish said: “It has been troubling me since the comment was made, but as he is scheduled to come to Bihar again, I thought this is the right time to request him to withdraw his words.”

When asked whether he was looking for a retraction or an apology from the Prime Minister, Nitish said: “A retraction. If it doesn’t happen I will leave the judgement to the people.”

This public engagement initiative by Nitish, who has joined hands with his former adversary Lalu Prasad Yadav for the upcoming Bihar assembly polls, is aimed at reaching out to the young demography present on social media. (ANI)