Demonetisation a foolish not bold decision: Rahul Gandhi

Targetting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of demonetization, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday described it as foolish, rather than a bold decision. Gandhi said the decision has been implemented without consideration.

“The assessment is that, it is a disaster. It has devastated the poor, farmers and daily wage workers. We want to have a discussion. We want a vote, government doesn’t. How can it be a bold decision. It is a foolish decision taken without any due consideration,” he said.

Claiming that Prime Minister Modi has ‘changed his narrative’ on demonetization, Gandhi said, “Prime Minister Modi started by saying it is against black money, now the talk of black money is vanished. Then, he went to terrorism. After the terrorists were caught with the new notes, he went to counterfeit currency and later cashless economy. So, basically he is running.”

“PM Modi is running away, if he comes to the House for a debate, we won’t let him run. He (PM Modi) is laughing, having a nice time while the people of the country are suffering. The idea behind a cashless economy is that a few people must get maximum benefits from these transactions, this has damaged the nation,” he added.

Further attacking Prime Minister Modi, he said, “If I am allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha, I will show to all how Paytm means ‘Pay to Modi.”

When asked about the disruption in parliament, Rahul said the responsibility of running the House is with the government and the Speaker, not the opposition.

With the opposition observing Black Day to vent their ire over the existing problems post completion of one month of demonetization, the government today cornered the Gandhi family, saying those questioning the ruling dispensation are the ones supporting the black money holders.

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu said the opposition is not observing a Black Day, but they are voicing their support for black money holders.

Taking a dig at the Congress, he added, “Gandhi ji gave call for Satyagrah to see that victory of truth prevails. What are so-called namesakes of Gandhis doing.”

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar, echoing similar sentiments, alleged that the opposition protest was aimed at garnering media space.