Demonetisation is a disaster, Paytm means ‘Pay to Modi’, says Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked PM Modi on the demonetisation move by calling the decision to be foolish rather than a bold decision.

“Demonetisation is a disaster. Pretty much every expert who had an opinion about it was pushed aside. We were told it’s a bold decision. But a bold decision can also be a foolish decision.”

The Congress vice president said, “If I am allowed to talk in the Parliament, I will explain how Paytm is equal to Pay to Modi.” He also said, “The idea behind cashless economy is that a few ppl must get maximum benefits from these transactions, this has damaged the nation.”

“Who stands to benefit from a cashless economy? Just 4 or 5 companies. The companies are going to charge on every transaction and thus it is for their benefit,” he asked.

Criticising the PM of shifting goalposts, Gandhi said, “A month ago, the PM made a financial experiment without consulting any expert. That has jeopardized the life of people of India. It has devastated poor people, farmers, fishermen, daily wage earners. He is laughing, having a nice time, while the people of the country are suffering.” said the Congress vice-president.