Dell OptiPlex 7460 AIO: Powerful, secure business desktop for a modern workplace

New Delhi: Big and small enterprises in India are going through digital disruption, looking for a modern workplace that responds to their business needs — providing reliable, secure and innovative experiences.

When it comes to the traditional commercial PC market in India, it stood at 1.26 million units in the first quarter this year, with a decline of 9.1 per cent (quarter-on-quarter), says global market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

Dell, which had 23.2 per cent market share in the overall PC market in Q1, witnessed its commercial business contributing 54.8 per cent share, driven primarily by a re-energised go-to-market approach with channel-enabling initiatives to strengthen channel- and partner-led business.

As IDC forecast the overall PC market in India to decline in 2018 compared to 2017, Dell has just refreshed its commercial desktop line-up.

The second-largest PC player in India, Dell has introduced its new OptiPlex All-in-Ones (AIO) series — that has completed 25 years of its existence — to the country.

At Rs 80,000, “OptiPlex 7460 AIO” comes with a compact 23.8-inch “Infinity Edge” display, optimising screen space with edge-to-edge Full HD IPS display technology and numerous port options.

Let us see if this device can make your workplace smarter.

The device, with a powerful 8th gen Intel Core processor, has glare-free, matte touch option on 4K screen that provides smooth hands-on interaction.

It is designed with a tool-less chassis, has an ergonomic stand and lockable port covers conveniently placed at the back.

The articulating stand helped tilt the display forward, backward or recline to a 60 degree angle. The stand also made touchscreen interaction comfortable.

A key part of the device is the wireless keyboard and mouse for a clutter-free experience. The wireless mouse comes with fingerprint reader, offering secure login and online access without passwords.

The device features a reliable, built-to-last chassis that has, according to Dell, undergone extensive testing — including military-grade — as well as component, accessory and lifecycle testing.

The OptiPlex 7460 AIO offered a smooth, lag-free workflow while using creative software like QuarkXPress and Photoshop, among others.

On the security front, the device has Dell “Data Guardian” feature which includes added support for an organisation’s existing data classification structures that delivers enforcement and controls beyond a company’s network.

This can help businesses safeguard critical files by setting access permissions inside or outside IT ecosystems, adding on-screen watermarks for an additional level of security, and enabling controls that extend to file usage and sharing.

Dell’s “Endpoint Security Suite” solution, powered by Cylance, claims to stop up to 99 per cent of malware.

The desktop also offers 2.5 inch 2TB 5400rpm SATA Hard Disk Drive, an optional Intel Optane Memory 16GB and dual storage and RAID support.

Called redundant array of independent disks, RAID is a way to pair multiple drives together to improve performance, redundancy or both.

In addition, Dell is also offering an optional 2.0MP 1080P FHD or infrared pop-up webcam that supports Windows.

What does not work?

The device comes with a DVD drive but a 4K-compatible Blu-ray burner would have been a better inclusion.

Conclusion: For enterprises, the device is ideal but even individual creative professionals can explore the Dell OptiPlex 7450 AIO to keep at home.

Desktops are still the leading form factors for businesses in India and the Dell device turns out to be a powerful business desktop.