Assam: 40 lakh applicants status uncertain, not included in the new draft NRC

The recently released draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam today left out more than 40 lakh applicants of the total 3.29 crores applicants.

The draft was released on Monday by the Registrar General of India, Shailesh, and NRC State Coordinator Prateek Hajela in Guwahati, the Hindu reported.

Only 2,89,83,677 applicants were accepted from 3,29,91,384 applicants said Mr Shailesh.

And the remaining applicants left out from the draft NRC which accounts to 40,007,707 applicants will be given “ample opportunity” until September 28 to go through a process of claims and objections.

Their citizenship will not be questioned until a final draft is prepared said Mr. Shailesh and Mr Hajela.

Nearly 2.48 lakh doubtful voters(D-Voters) and their descendants, siblings were included in the 40 lakh left out candidates.

“The process has been completely transparent, fair, objective and meticulously carried out. Adequate opportunity to all applicants was given,” Mr. Shailesh said.

“Reassuring those not in the draft, they will get ample opportunity to file claims and objectives with adequate time. People who lack knowledge will be provided assistance. Full justice will be meted to all,” Mr. Shailesh added.

Mr Hajela, however, assured that the left out candidates will not be intimated until the final draft is prepared.

“We consider them as applicants. Each of them will be sent letters individually for the next step. We are trying to tell them they might have missed out because of some reasons such as unsubstantiated documents. We will provide assistance to them to file claims and objections.”

He further assured that the names of applicants left out in the draft will not be revealed to protect their privacy.

“We cannot provide district wise breakup of these 40 lakh for the same reason,” he added.

Meanwhile, Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, has confirmed the same of no penal action against the left out applicants until their cases are being sorted out. “We want law and order to be maintained, and no one will be allowed to create trouble,” he said.