Delhi: Mosque allegedly attacked amid lockdown

NEW DELHI: A mosque was allegedly has been in Mukhmelpur village under the Alipur police station in North West Delhi.

According to The Wire reports, a mob of around 200 people allegedly attacked the mosque, ransacked, partially burnt and also vandalised some of its parts.

Minority Commission to DCP

The chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission Zafar-ul Islam Khan has issued two notices bringing the matter to the notice of Delhi Police Commissioner and directed the DCP to ensure that an first information report in the case was lodged against the culprits.

The notice further said that it was unbelievable that such incident could happen in the national capital. “The issue cannot be patched up artificially by arranging a compromise where a religious place has been ransacked and partially burnt and demolished,” the commission said. “If no proper legal action is taken, this lawlessness will become common.”

The video of the incident, which took place on Friday night was widely shared on social media.

Arrest of Muslim youths

Through another notice, the panel brought the issue of arrest saying that it is getting reports via emails, WhatsApp messages and phone calls, that police “arresting young Muslim boys by their dozens every single day.” and “the trend of randomly arresting is not acceptable.”

The Panel urged the DCP to “instruct police ground staff to desist from random arrests in the North East district as arrests must only be made when there is a clear evidence about someone’s involvement in a punishable crime”. 

Extremely volatile

A local resident, who wants to remain unknown told the website, “The environment here is extremely volatile,” he added.

“We have to live here only, we don’t want this to go out in the media and for outsiders to get involved, we will work out a compromise.”