#9Baje9Minutes: Fire incidents reported in Hyd, other cities

NEW DELHI: Fire incidents reported in Hyderabad after crackers bursting on Sunday night.

The incidents were reported to took place in Ameerpet, Mehdipatnam and different cities across the country.

Prima facie, firecrackers burst by some people while responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to switch off lights at 9 pm might have sparked the blazes across few cities.


A massive fire broke out after a flying lantern fell on a hut in Jaipur’s Vaishali Nagar in Rajasthan.

A house close to the hut is also reported to be burned down in the incident.

A minor fire broke out at 9:30 pm on a stretch of grass near the runway of the Solapur airport in Maharashtra.

According to a Fire Brigade official, four fire tenders to the spot and the fire was extinguished within 15 to 20 minutes.


Fire also broke down in city’s Ramkrishnavl Nagar in Patna while people were lighting diyas and bursting crackers.

In a show of “collective resolve and solidarity” to end the “darkness” of coronavirus, PM Modi on Friday had urged people to turn off lights of their homes for nine minutes at 9:00 pm and light up lamps, candles, mobile flashlights.

As the clock struck 9, lights went out in most houses and people gathered in balconies and at doors, flashing mobile lights while many lit candles and diyas.

Fireworks, thalis, whistles and police sirens were heard.


At some places, Hindu devotional songs, mantras and national anthem were also played.

This is the second time PM Modi has sought to rally people amid the ongoing lockdown to combat the pandemic, which has claimed more than 65,600 lives globally and inflicted over 12 lakh people.

PM Modi’s earlier call to clap, on 22 March during ‘Janta Curfew’, blow conch shells or ring bells.

PM Modi in his 28-minute speech asked the nation’s public to “clap their hands” to combat the pandemic.

Soon, hashtags #TaaliBajao (clap our hands) #ThaliBajao (beat our plates) began trending online.