Delhi HC to decide on Odd-Even scheme on Jan 10

Delhi HC to decide on Odd-Even scheme on Jan 10

New Delhi, Jan. 8 : Senior Advocate R. K. Kapoor on Friday said that the Delhi High Court, which heard the state government’s reply on the success of Odd-Even scheme, will decide the matter on January 10.

Kapoor told the media that the Delhi Government presented statistical data in the court to show that implementation of the Odd-Even scheme had been a success.

“Harish Salve, who represented the Delhi Government in the court, today submitted a report in which the statistical figures were presented to show that there has been some improvement in pollution-level. He also said that the substantial improvement in pollutions was hampered by smog,” Kapoor said.

“We said that the pollution-level had already come down by December when the scheme had not been enforced,” he added.

He said that a clampdown on using of cars was discriminatory as most pollution was caused by dust and the two-wheelers.

“Another figure given to the court claimed that most pollution is caused by dust. So it was asked why the cars are being stopped when dust and other vehicles also cause pollution. We put forth our view and said that when diesel vehicle and two-wheelers are polluting the environment then why only the cars should be stopped, it is discriminatory,” he said.

“The court has noted down our arguments and the case has been scheduled for Monday (January 10). The court is going to announce its order on Monday. It has reserved its decision in this regard on Monday,” he added.

The High Court on Wednesday had asked the Delhi Government as to why the Odd-Even trial should last for more than a week.

Responding to the High Court’s question, the Delhi Government had said that the Odd-Even formula was working and was well received by the people.

The odd-even scheme was launched January 1 to curb alarming rise in vehicular pollution. (ANI)