Dear skin, take care!

New Delhi [India]: Like our body, skin too needs proper food to keep itself active and glowing. And in today’s world, when the environment is veiled with smog, people are more opting for chemical free skin products.

That is where ‘Fuschia’ caters to the needs of this health conscious segment.

Mohit Bhatia, founder of Fuschia puts forward some tips to take care of your skin:

– CTM Formula- It is a must to follow the cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine on a daily basis, it’s the bare minimum that keeps your skin going.

– Exfoliate- It is important to scrub your skin on regular intervals to help remove the dead skin, tanning and other effects that pollution and dirt plays a role in. Choose a scrub that matches your skin type, be it dry, oily or combination.

– Face pack/ mask- Face pack generally follows the scrub to revitalize the skin and help close the open pores to save them from attracting dirt molecules back into the skin.

– Night Cream- One must select a good night cream, again according to the skin type, also taking into account the ingredients mentioned to ensure that it does not have any harmful chemicals. Night repair is even more critical as the healing power is double during the night when our body is at absolute rest.

– Sunscreen- Again, a proper sunscreen with an apt SPF is a necessity when stepping out in the sun, even if for a short while as the UV rays are just not good for the delicate human skin and so, it should be protected.

– Fresh Fruits/ Veggies- It is extremely helpful to include not just eating but also the application of some fresh fruits and veggies like cucumber, tomato, papaya, banana and other beneficial natural things like green tea, aloe vera etc., in some form or the other to keep the skin forever young and fresh as a daisy.

– Off days from Make-up- Last but in no way the least, while all ladies love applying make-up, it is ultimately nothing but chemicals and is not good for our skin. It is crucial to allow your skin to breathe and thus, get rid of any make-up on a few select days. Let your skin relax on a Sunday and prepare for the work days, just like you do.

According to International market research agencies, personal care industry demand in this segment was over 7.6 billion dollars (approx Rs 50,000 crore) in 2012 and is expected to reach 13.2 billion dollars (approx Rs 80,000 crore) by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 9.6 percent from 2012 to 2018.

Taking a leaf out of its parent company Vkare Bio Sciences in 2013, Fuschia has been consistently evolving and has established itself as a brand dedicated to natural, handmade skincare products.

Fuschia by VKare, The company has been coming up with a versatile range of skincare and beauty products at regular intervals ever since, after having marked its successful entry with natural and handmade bathing soaps. It came into being with an idea to help one and all in resolving their skincare problems in a natural way.

The brand owns its individual virtual store as well with pan-India coverage and customers can soon expect to find Fuschia’s exclusive brand outlets and franchisee. (ANI)