Muslims should unite together, sinking factional differences

Hyderabad: Razoia International Conference was held at Bargah Hazrat Amrullah Shah, Moghalpura, on the occasion of 1235th annual Urs of VIII Imam of Ahle Bait Zamin As-Samin Imam Ali bin Moosa Raza (A).

Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana state Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Home Minister N Narsimha Reddy, Chairman SSETWIN Mir Inayat Ali Baqari, Counsel General of Iran in Hyderabad Mohammed Haq, Maulana Taqi Raza Abidi, and Maulana Syed Shah Ali Akber Nizamuddin Saberi attended the conference as chief guests.

Addressing the conference, foreign and local scholars and guest speakers unanimously told that Muslims should unite together sinking factional differences. They claimed that anti-Islamic forces are trying to create Shia-Sunni differences to weaken Muslims. Counsel General of Iran Mohammed Haq told that Sunni Muslims enjoy complete independence in Iran. There are 240 masajid of Ahl-e-Sunnat in the entire country and 330 Sunni madaris.

Shaikhul Jamia Nizamia Mufti Khaleel Ahmed reiterated that anti-Muslim forces want to divide Muslims among sects and factions to weaken the community. Hence it is the need of the hour for Muslims to unite under the banner of kalima-e-tauheed.

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