DDCA defamation case: Kejriwal, Kirti Azad slapped with fine over delayed response

New Delhi [India]: The Delhi High Court on Monday imposed fines on Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and cricketer-turned-politician and parliamentarian Kirti Azad for their delayed response in the defamation suit filed by the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) against them.

Kejriwal was slapped with a fine of Rs. 10,000 and Azad with Rs. 30, 000.

The court said that their written statements to the suit would be taken on record on payment of the costs imposed on them.

The High Court’s Joint Registrar Anil Kumar Sisodia, who presided over the procedural aspects of a civil suit, directed that the costs of imposed on the chief minister, shall be paid to the cricketing body.

Whereas in Azad’s case, Rs. 20, 000 shall be paid the DDCA and the rest shall be deposited in the Delhi High Court Legal Service Authority.

Azad’s Legal counsel, during the hearing, said the MP was busy in the Parliament, so his reply should be accepted and the delay in response be condoned.

The defamation suit filed by the DDCA sought Rs 2 .5 crore each from Kejriwal and Azad for their alleged comments.

The DDCA had earlier alleged that Kejriwal with prior motive, indulged in certain false, shocking, scandalous, defamatory, baseless, slanderous, malicious, disgraceful and outrageous statements which seriously damaged and dented the image of cricketing body.

Whereas Azad is facing defamation suit for alleged his defamatory criticism of the functioning and finances of the cricketing body. (ANI)