Dalits need books, not beer bottles: Praveen Kumar

State SC Residential Schools secretary RS Praveen Kumar has stated the Dalits could develop only with education and they need books but not beer bottles. He asked Dalits to come forward to encourage Dalit children, who used to beat drums (Dappu) with their hands, to earn dollars with the same hands.

Participating as the chief guest in the meeting organised at the LB Stadium by the State SC Development Department on Wednesday on the occasion of Dr Babu Jagjeevan Ram’s 110th birth anniversary celebrations, Praveen Kumar said development will be possible only with education and opined that there was no need to the children of the people who were in higher positions. “How we can be still Daliths as the children scaled mountain Everest though they got birth as SCs”, he asked.

He, who strived to earn rupee with education, said that he was in a higher position as he was now spending Rs.1 lakh for the development of SC students every month. He said that from March 15 to April 14, the SC Residential Schools observe as holy month by celebrating the birth anniversaries of Dalith leaders Kanshiram, Babu Jagjeevan Ram, Baburao Phule, Savitri Phule, Dr BR Ambedkar and others. He said that the students will get up at 5AM and read the books written by those great Dalith leaders and tries to tell good things to others. He said that the Telangana state government was contemplating to launch 15,000 residential schools to the SC, ST, BC, Minorities children across the state and it was unique step.  The government will spend Rs.1 lakh per year on every student pursuing their education in those residential schools. He suggested SC, ST, BC and Minorities to utilize the opportunity provided by the state government.

Dr Babu Jagjeevan Ram birth anniversary celebrations committee organizing chairman Dandu Surender Madiga presided over the program. Dalith leaders—Vangapally Ramesh, State MRPS  leaders R Bhasker, JB Raju and others participated in the program. Telangana Cultural Artist Gidda Ramanarsaiah and others sung songs on Dalith leaders including Babu Jagjeevan Ram. The organizers have introduced the Sharanam Gacchami Telugu film unit to the meeting. (NSS)