Dadri: Mysterious firings on Muslims leave cops flummoxed

DADRI: Mysterious repeated incidents of firings targeting Muslims passerby at random in Dadri by ‘bike-borne men’ spreading fear among the villagers.

Within a span of over the past 30 days, as many as six persons have been shot and injured after dusk in different parts of Dadri.

Between 8 pm and 10 pm, the bike-borne men shot the victims just once before fleeing the spot.

The reason behind the attack was not clear and it is strange as they were neither robbed nor claim to have personal enmity. Also, none of the cases is fatal or even serious.

According to Hindustan Times reports, at around 9.30 pm on Thursday, Salman (22), Afsar (28) and Anees (22) shot at by two men. According to Dadri police, Salman was shot in the waist but the bullet grazed Salman’s waist and hit Afsaar’s leg.

Salman works as a truck driver whereas Afsar and Anees are siblings and employed as conductors of the vehicle.

On the night of July 22, Shaukeen(25) was shot at around 9.30 pm by three bike-borne men, while returning home. He sustained injuries in the waist.

Similar attacks took place on the night of July 12 when 50-year-old Fayyaz, who runs a food kiosk was shot at by two persons on a bike and suffered injuries in the hip.

On July 14, Faizan, a 14-year-old son of a scrap dealer was shot at by two persons on a motorbike and sustained injuries in a waist.

So far, no complaint has been filed by the victims.

Is the shooting at people of a particular community a planned attempt to induce communal tension in Dadri?