Criminals switching to iPhones for its strong encryption: Police

New York : Federal Law Enforcement officers have claimed in their filing in a court that some criminals are switching to iPhones to escape from their wrongdoings due to Apple’s strong encryption policy.

The brief by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and two others also cited a jailhouse phone call intercepted by New York authorities in 2015, in which an inmate called Apple’s encrypted operating system a ‘gift from God’, Reuters reported.

Last week a federal judge in Brooklyn has ruled that the U.S. Government cannot force technology giant Apple to provide the FBI with access to iPhone data in a New York drug case.

Tech industry leaders including Google, Facebook and Microsoft and more than two dozen other companies filed legal briefs on Thursday supporting Apple.

Apple Inc had argued that a move to break into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooter would violate free speech rights, override the will of Congress and jeopardise the security of other Apple devices.

Apple is a staunch advocate for our customers’ privacy and personal safety,” Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook had said. (ANI)