Create no problems, KCR advises Naidu

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today asked his Andhra Pradesh counterpart N Chandrababu Naidu to avoid creating problems between Telugu people of the two States with regard to using irrigation projects and rightful share of waters for selfish ends.

At a State Formation Day celebrations, along with Governor ESL Narasimhan at HICC here, KCR said despite the AP Government was coming in the way of its projects, Telanagaa will complete them and irrigate one crore acres, he said. The State will see a whopping budget of Rs 2 lakh crore by 2019-20 and it may be pegged at Rs 5 lakh crore by 2024. Asserting that Telangana will maintain friendly relations with neighbouring States, KCR said the Krishna River sees a flow of 1204 tmc every year.

Altogether 3858 tmc waters was available in two rivers, he said, adding that the two Telugu States can draw their rightful share of waters avoiding skirmishes. The Chief Minister said Telangana and AP can together get 4200 tmc waters for agricultural activities, he said. He also said 4200 tmc waters will help irrigate four crore acres of land. He called upon the Naidu government to avoid putting spokes and ensure that the two Telugu States make ample use of the river waters. KCR asserted that his State wants to have cordial relations with its neighbours on river water share.

Earlier, KCR and Narasimhan distributed awards to 62 personalities of various fields on the occasion. Governor Narasimhan praised that Chief Minister KCR has great vision for development of Telangana and implementing the flagship programs besides implementing welfare schemes with a focus on economic growth. Citing there was no law and order problem in the State, Narasimhan said industries and companies can come with investments. (NSS)