CPI asks students to oppose Modi Govt policies

CPI asks students to oppose Modi Govt policies

Communist Party of India (CPI) has called upon the student community to oppose Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies, which were violating the fundamental rights of the people.


In his inaugural address at All India Political School started at Makdhoom Bhavan here on Saturday, CPI National general secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy asked students to protect the right of democracy, education and freedom of expression from the suppressive policies of Modi government. Alleging that the Modi government launched its attacks on education system, he called upon the students to oppose the safranization of education. The student community has to move forward with scientific temper and to solve the problems of the people.


Asking the students to imbibe service attitude along with education, Suravaram stressed the need of strengthening of Leftist and democratic student unions. “The student unions have to obstruct the Sangh Parivar activities. The Modi government has become a puppet in the hands of RSS and Sangh Parivar. RSS office located in Nagpur controlling Modi government with its remote”, he claimed. He said that the education was stooping down to the level of teaching Vedas, including lessons on Rebirth, Astrology and Nava Grahas in school curriculum. These inclusions will obstruct the society, which supposed to be moving forward with scientific temper, he concerned. The Sangh Parivar was branding the students, who move forward with scientific temper as national betrayers and as part of it Rohit Vemula suicide, he explained. Two Professors from Benaras University and one Professor from JNTU were removed for opposing Modi policies, he said.

Stating that the Communist parties were not against the establishment of industries, Suravaram alleged that the governments were forcefully acquiring lands from the farmers. He made it clear that there was a need to protect the interests of the farmers at any cost. Saying that the Communist party was opposing forceful land acquisition, he demanded the government to provide huge compensation to the land oustees providing a job to every family, who lost their land. He called up on the students to oppose the efforts of privatization of Banks and LIC and alleged that the Modi government was reducing the taxes on corporate companies burdening the common man.

CPI Telangana State secretary Chada Venkat Reddy asked the students to participate in social service activities along with education. Central Party School Principal Anil Rajamwala, All India Adivasi Mahasabha national executive president Chitharanjan Bakshi, Women leader Krishna Jha and others participated in the training camp. The training camp will continue till August 1. (NSS)