Couple killed pregnant neighbour for a suitcase of jewellery, arrested

Noida: Saurabh Diwakar and Ritu, a husband-wife duo who murdered a pregnant woman and stuffed her body in a suitcase has been arrested. The duo was staying in a same rented accommodation building as the victim in Bisrakh area.

The woman, who had got married just a few months ago invited some relatives to visit her at her rented house where she showed them her jewellery and expensive clothes, which caught the attention of her neighbour Ritu.

Later she went home and told her husband, about it. The next day, she invited the victim to their home when her husband had gone out for duty. After inviting, the duo strangled her to death and stuffed her body inside the same suitcase in which she had kept her jewellery and clothes from the wedding.

A missing report was registered at the Bisrakh police station the next day. The same day, an information was received about a woman’s body being found stuffed in a suitcase in Ghaziabad.

The victim’s parents had initially accused her husband and in-laws of killing her over dowry. But during an investigation, it was found that her husband was at the time of the killing and he was released. But, it was found that the victim’s neighbours Ritu and Saurabh had not returned home since the incident took place, raising suspicion and following which the police started investigating from the other angle.

The couple was soon tracked and held, along with the stolen jewellery, clothes and the victim’s mobile phone. The duo has been booked under Sections 302 (murder), 201 (causing disappearance), 316 (causing the death of an unborn child), 394 (robbery) of the Indian Penal Code and sent to jail.

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