Country awaits new revolution, Modi failed as PM – Katju’s Interview to Mubashiruddin Khurram

Hyderabad: India has been destroyed and its reconstruction is possible only through a new revolution. This was expressed by Justice Markandey Katju who is on a three day visit to Hyderabad. He gave a special interview to Siasat yesterday during which he expressed his views that the future of India and the reconstruction of this country is in the hands of the youths which could be made possible through a new revolution only.

He made many wonderful revelations about the issues and challenges facing the country and stressed the need to strengthen the country once again by protecting its culture and civilization.

During the interview he condemned fascist ideology, Bureaucracy and delay in imparting justice.

Justice Markandey Katju hits the headlines by his strange statements. He also expressed his view on Gandhiji and Moghal Emperor, Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar. He termed Pakistan as an imaginary State and claimed that in the near future the boundaries of India and Pakistan would disappear since there is no difference in language and civilization in both the countries. Both these countries are struggling for progress.

Justice Katju also expressed his view on the increasing communalism, Cow slaughter, communal hatred, racial discrimination and failures of Mr. Narendra Modi. He also made stringent remarks against Indian politicians. The contents of his interview would be published in details on Sunday, 11th October in Siasat Urdu Daily.

–Siasat News