Concrete plan of action is essential for 12% reservation for Muslims – Zahid Ali Khan writes to CM

Hyderabad: For the Social and Economic Development of the Muslims, 12% reservations are essential. TRS in its election campaign had promised it which should be fulfilled. TRS Govt. should prepare a plan of action which could ensure 12% reservations to Muslims, otherwise this issue would be delayed which will affect the Muslims badly. This was stated in an open letter written by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily addressed to Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao, CM of Telangana State. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan clearly indicated the fact that due to the delay in providing 12% reservation to Muslims, they are facing disadvantage. He pointed out that TRS has been in power for the past 15 months. So far, Muslims have been deprived of 1242 vacancies. It is not clear that how much time it would take to get reservations and how much losses the Muslims have to bear.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan further told that Mr. KCR exhibits seriousness in what he says. Its evidence is, his struggle for the formation of separate Telangana State. When Mr. KCR promised to provide 12% reservations, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan is confident that this promise would be fulfilled but it should be done as early as possible so that the Muslims could get the advantage of reservation. He invited the attention of the Govt. and said that the manner in which this issue is being dealt with has an apprehension that it would not yield fruitful results. In this context, he made a reference to the reservations provided to the Muslims in 2004 which faced legal complications.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan pointed out three important tasks to be done by the Govt. the first and foremost is that BCs Commission should recommend to the State Govt. about the backwardness of the Muslims. The second one is the Govt. should take into consideration that in almost all the states, the maximum limit of reservation has exceeded 50%. In case this limit exceeds 20%, the court asks the reasons for it which should be substantiated. The third point is without making a reference to BCs Commission, if reservations are provided, it will be a waste of time. In such a case the Muslims would lose 8% reservations out of 15, 522 vacancies.

He further pointed out that in such cases, normally Govt. seeks the legal opinion of the Advocate General of the State but the present Advocate General is the same person who had pursued anti-reservation petitions in 2014 in Supreme Court. In such a situation, it is not expected that the present Advocate General would advised the Govt. in the right direction.

The only way left for the Govt. is to take into consideration the Social and Economic Backwardness of the Muslims and present factual proofs to ensure 12% reservations. This is the only way which would yield fruitful results. If this is done, it will establish a precedent in the entire country. It may be recollected that Mr. KCR had said earlier that he would provide 12% reservations to Muslims on a par with the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. He can fulfill his promise adopting the method followed by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. In this way this issue could not be challenged in the court of law.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan also pointed out that Mr. KCR is aware of the way the issue of reservation for Muslims was entangled in legal complications. He should therefore adopt a way which could ensure reservations. Govt. of Telangana has announced to fill up 15, 522 vacancies if the issue of reservation is delayed, Muslims would lose 8% reserved vacancies.

At the end of his letter, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan desired the CM to fulfill his promise immediately. He expected that by adopting constitutional methods and farsightedness, Mr. KCR would ensure reservations to Muslims.

–Siasat News