Conspiracy to protect wakf land grabbers – CBI probe challenged by Wakf Board: Abid Rasool Khan

Hyderabad: State Minorities Commission filed a petition in High Court to CBI probe into the damage caused to wakf properties. After the arguments, High Court ordered to issue notices to the concerned parties and 8th June was scheduled for the next hearing. This was disclosed by Mr. Abid Rasool Khan, Chairman of State Minorities Commission during a press conference held yesterday. He informed the press reporters that soon after the formation of State Minorities Commission, complaints were being received about the damages caused to wakf properties. Despite notices issued by the commission, Wakf Board did not reply. State Minorities Commission started investigations on its own and prepared a report consisting of 1000 pages and recommended the Govt. for CBI probe. CMs of A.P. and Telangana State exhibited their seriousness and made an attempt to elicit information from the concerned Dept. and Wakf Board but it seems that the officials do not want any kind of investigations.


Mr. Abid Rasool Khan further told that the Standing Counsel of Wakf Board opposed the authenticity of the petition filed by Minorities Commission and requested the court to dismiss the petition. It only shows that attempts have already been started to save the land grabbers who damaged wakf properties.


Mr. Abid Rasool Khan also informed the press reporters that documentary evidences have been filed along with the petition. He cited the few examples, he said that when a letter was written to the revenue officials for getting the details of 300 acre of wakf property situated at Malkajgiri, the concerned Tehsildar wrote a reply that the institution which has the right of ownership i.e., Wakf Board is not serious in this matter. Considering the damage the caused to highly valuable wakf property located at Mozzam Jahi Market, Minorities Commission deemed it inevitable to approach the court. He also said that when scams are exported there should not be any inhibition to probe. The scams of the damage of Wakf properties worth crore of rupees have come to limelight. Mr. Khan said that he had full faith in Judiciary. He requested all those persons who have any record of wakf properties may file petitions with the court to become parties to the case number 12627/16.



–Siasat News