Congress would have sacked its leader for ‘dog’ remark: Rahul Gandhi

Motihari, ( Bihar), Oct. 26 : Taking potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not taking any action against Minister of State for External Affairs General (Retd.) V.K. Singh over his controversial statement on the Ballabhgarh incident, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that his party would have immediately sacked its leader for the ‘dog’ remark.

“Two children, one of them almost an infant was burnt to death in Haryana. I reached Ballabhgarh even before the Chief Minister and the BJP leaders are saying that if a dog dies then what is the fault of the government. I want to say that if a Congress leader would have made such a statement then we would have thrown him out,” he said while addressing a rally here.

Gandhi also took a jibe at Prime Minister Modi over his frequent trips abroad.

“Modi ji and the people from RSS are saying ‘dal roti maat khao aur prabhu ke gun gao’. The price of pulse is now Rs. 200 which only Modi ji and RSS can afford. When dal was at Rs. 70 per kg, he criticised us saying that it was very expensive but now it is Rs. 200. He is travelling across the world in aircrafts and tasting the pulses of different countries.

Narendra Modi ji is busy travelling across the world but he has no time to meet the farmers,” Gandhi said.

“When Modi ji ran his campaign to become the Prime Minister, one of his many promises was that there would be an immediate drop in the price of commodities. When he was raising the slogan ‘na khaaonga na khaane doonga, I had no idea he was talking about dal!,” he added. (ANI)