Mahato couple distraught after Geeta’s refusal

New Delhi, Oct. 26 : Geeta’s counsellor Momin Malik on Monday said that Mahato couple, who claimed her parents, were saddened after the 23-year-old mute and deaf girl failed to recognise them.

He said Geeta might have been “confused” as she was coming back after 15 years, while suggesting that more such meetings between them were needed

“The family members were happy initially, but the moment she failed to recognise them they were saddened. One cannot decide such things in a five-minute meeting. She has been away from them for 15 years, and thus, might have forgotten them. We will arrange more meetings and keep trying,” Mallik told the media here.

“She got confused in that room, after all she has come back after 15 years. I have Geeta’s statement in the Karachi Human Right Court,” he added.

Meanwhile, Janardhan Mahato was confident that Geeta was his daughter, saying the DNA test would prove it.

“She is my daughter, no matter what they say. I am sure she is my daughter. She is a bit worried right now as she has been away for 15 years. The DNA test will prove everything,” he added.

Geeta arrived at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport here today, along with five members of the Edhi Foundation, which have been taking care of her during her stay in Pakistan.

She had accidentally strayed into Pakistan at the age of 11 and was handed over to the Edhi Foundation by Police, who found her at Lahore railway station.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had thanked the Edhi foundation founders Abdul Sattar and Bilquis Edhi for taking care of Geeta and safeguarding her religion. (ANI)