Congress leaders will probably win if they contest from Pakistan: Ram Madhav

Guwahati (Assam): BJP leader Ram Madhav said here on Sunday that Congress leaders would probably win elections in Pakistan if they contest from the neighbouring country.

The BJP’s national general secretary alleged that tweets by opposition leaders were retweeted more in Pakistan than in India.

“Their statements are retweets more by the people of the neighbouring country than the people in our own country. If they go there and contest elections someday, they will probably win there. This is the condition of our principal opposition party,” said Ram Madhav.

The BJP general secretary (in-charge of North East) said the opposition was in a “clueless” fight and people failed to understand whether they were “fighting for the cause of Pakistan or of India”.

“The opposition is fighting a clueless fight. What they want to convey nobody understands, the people of the country do not understand the direction in which they want to show the country. Whether the opposition is fighting for Hindustan or for Pakistan, the country is unable to understand.

He said that opposition leaders use undignified language for Indian Army.

“The opposition leaders doubt our own forces. They not only question the achievements of our government but also use undignified language for our Army,” said Madhav.

The BJP leader said there is a “Modi wave” in the country and the BJP and its allies will gain more seats in the coming elections as compared to 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

“You can see the condition of opposition, wherever Rahul Gandhi goes people start sloganeering “Modi-Modi”. These days Priyanka Gandhi is visiting temples and there also she has to listen to “Modi-Modi'”, said Madhav.

“The picture is clear that there is a Modi wave in the country. Conventional political wisdom says that there cannot be a wave in favour of the ruling party as the wave is always created by the opposition. However, Narendra Modi is the one person who has broken the conventions several times in the past,” said the BJP leader.

The BJP general secretary (in-charge of North East) said that BJP is confident of winning all the 10 seats it is contesting in Assam, and the BJP and its partners will win the elections in North-East, from all places they are contesting.

The 17th Lok Sabha election, which will be held in seven phases beginning April 11. The final phase of voting will take place on May 19. The counting of votes will be done on May 23.