‘Confident’ women IAF pilots ready to conquer the sky

Hyderabad : One of the most courageous things in life is to identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go – this aptly applies to the three women commissioned as India’s first women fighter pilots on Saturday.

Avani Chatuvedi, who dreamt of flying like a bird since childhood, Mohana Singh, who wanted to carry on the family legacy of flying, and Bhawana Kantha, who began to fancy a lifelong career as a pilot since amateur flying in college, got their wings today as flying officers after completing 150 hours of flying.

IAF fighter pilot Avani Chatuvedi from Madhya Pradesh thanked her instructors for being extremely supportive during their training and said that it gave her confidence.

“Before going solo in the aircraft, we have been trained a lot with the instructor. We have been cleared by the examiners. So, we feel confident,” Avani told the media.

“We feel good definitely because flying solo in an air craft gives you a special feeling,” she added.

Mohana from Rajasthan considers herself to be lucky for being the first women to be inducted into the fighter squadron.

“We are feeling quite fortunate for being the first ones. Anybody could have got the opportunity. But we got it and we are happy about it,” she added.

Mohana’s mother said she is very proud of her daughter and wished her all the luck in her future endeavors.

History was scripted today as the first three women fighter pilots of the Indian Air Force (IAF) proudly brandished their stripes and wings at the Combined Graduation Parade at the Air Force Academy in Dundigul on the outskirts of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

After getting their wings today as flying officers, they will train for six months on the Advanced Jet Fighter – the British-built Hawk – they will be assigned fighters and their squadrons. (ANI)