Clothes distributed on ‘Women’s Day’: Zahid Ali Khan and others address

HYDERABAD: Addressing the clothes distribution function on the occasion of Women’s Day, Mr Zahid Ali Khan told that hundreds of persons spend nights in helpless conditions. There is no one to take care of them in the winter season.

Faiz-e-Aaam Trust has taken initiative to distribute used garments to the needy persons. It started distributing blankets to the needy persons in the Winter.

‘Kapda Bank’ was started by ‘Helping Hand’ and ‘Faiz-e-Aam Trust’ on the third floor of Abid Ali Khan Eye Hospital Building at Darul-Shifa.

On the occasion of ‘Women’s Day’, hundreds of women received packets of garments.

While delivering the presidential address on this occasion, Mr Zahid Ali Khan told that ‘Kapda Bank’ was started two years and 11 months back with the co-operation extended by a philanthropist of Canada.

He applauded the efforts of Faiz-e-Aam Trust for extending cooperation to Siasat Urdu Daily.

Mr Zahid Ali Khan further told that a Canadian friend had sent three containers full of used garments for distributing them to the poor and destitute persons. These garments contained wedding clothes also.

After sorting out these garments, they were packed in attractive packages and distributed.

On this occasion, he applauded the efforts Faiz-e-Aaam Trust. He recalled that this trust helped the students of Engineering, Medicine and other courses. It also helped a trainee for getting aviation training.

Mr Zahid Ali Khan applauded the efforts of the girl students and lamented that boys are lagging behind in the educational field. It is creating a serious problem. Highly educated girls are not getting good matrimonial alliances of qualified boys.

Present on this occasion were: Mr Iftekhar Hussain, Dr Makhdoom Mohiuddin, Mr Rizwan Haidar and Mr Ali Haidar. Prof. Shaukat Ali Mirza conducted the meeting. Clothes were also distributed by Begum Zahid Ali Khan, Begum Iftekhar Hussain, Ms Lakshmi Devi Raj and Ms Bilquees Arjumand (USA).

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