City in grip of Viral fever

There has been five times increase in cases of viral fever in the city during last ten days, it seems that the city is in the grip of viral fever.

According to official figures, the viral fever spreading quickly as there has been a change in the weather conditions. Around 1.5 lakh viral fever cases have been reported across the state since October 26.

Fever Hospital has recorded 11,474 viral fever cases, out of which 333 patients had admitted as inpatients. Around 700 viral fever patients are being treated at private hospitals in Hyderabad.

Dr K Shankar, Superintendent, Fever Hospital told the Hans India that due to the variation in the season virus is active. People rushing to hospital with symptoms like fever, cold, cough, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, burning sensation of eyes, headaches, minor aches, pains and fatigue. Most of the people experience sickness in the evenings.

“The viruses can survive in low temperature for long periods. Most of the time viral fever is self-limiting and hence there is no specific treatment. Usually, patients are treated with paracetamol tablets and oral fluids, antihistamines and anti-allergic medicines,” said Dr Challagali Prabhu Kumar, Epidemic Specialist.