Chelsea Clinton attends Muslim solidarity rally with her 2-year-old daughter

New York: Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton, attended with her two-year-old daughter Charlotte an anti-Trump rally in New York to show solidarity with the Muslim community. Clinton on Sunday joined hundreds of protesters to attend the rally in Times Square here, The Hill magazine reported.

She wrote on Twitter that the event was the first protest by Charlotte.

“Thank you to all who organised #IAmMuslimToo today (Sunday) — Charlotte’s first protest rally. #NoBanNoWallNoRaids,” Clinton tweeted.

 “I try really hard to be a good mommy. I think it’s the most important job in the world,” Clinton told People in 2015 about raising her daughter. “I read her the news every morning. She agrees with me on everything right now.”
The event featured speakers including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, mogul Russel Simmons, who is a former friend of Trump, actress Susan Sarandon, and several prominent activists. “
We are here to show middle America our beautiful signs and through our beautiful actions and intention, that they have been misled,” Simmons said.
“We are here unified because of Trump. We want to thank him for bringing us together,” Simmons added. The rally came after Trump signed an executive order temporarily barring visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.
The order also put a temporary halt on the acceptance of refugees and an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees. The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday issued revised memos after the order was halted by federal courts.