49.11 acres of Masjid Muslim Jung, Maula Ali encroached upon

Hyderabad: Of late, several incidents of nexus between insiders of Waqf Board and Waqf Mafia came to light. Recently the case of encroachment on 49 acre valuable Waqf land in Maula Ali, Medchal district was unearthed. When Chief Executive Officer, Waqf Board, Mohamed Asadullah asked for the record of the land to ensure its protection, the file was found missing. After much bustling the file was recovered and the process of cancelling the registration of land began.

Some dealings regarding the land came to light which clearly indicate that the land record was disappeared with the help of some internal elements of the Waqf Board. It is said that 49.11 acre land is attached to Masjid Muslim Jung Maula Ali. Name of Huzoor Nizam is mentioned as mutavalli of the land. No member of the Muslim Jung family claimed ownership of the land hence it became easy prey for encroachers.

When the Waqf Board learnt about the valuable land, Chief Executive Officer sent a survey team for inspection. During survey it was found that just 9 acre 15 guntas of the land is left while the remaining land could not be identified. The details of the land is mentioned in Gazette No. 6-A, dated 9-2-1989, P.No. 171, Serial No. 2681. 2 function halls, 60 shops and a swimming pool have been constructed on the land and recently attempts were made to sell 500 sqyds Waqf land.

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