CEO on All-Women Polling Stations

Hyderabad: The Chief Electoral Officer, Dr Rajat Kumar, has issued a direction to the effect that no specific colour should be used in all-women managed polling stations in the State.

This is to avoid any inadvertent use of the colour of any particular political party in or at such polling booths, he stated here on Saturday. He said, the women employed at these polling stations can wear any colour of their choice. Further, no single colour should be used for the paraphernalia associated with the construction of such polling stations.

The CEO explained, recalling that the Commission had directed for setting up of all-women managed polling stations in each Assembly constituency during general elections held in recent times. This is in tune with the Commission’s commitment towards gender equality and ensure greater participation of women in the electoral process.

The entire polling staff, including police and security personnel, deployed at and in these polling stations are to be all women. These all-women managed polling stations are named “Sakhi booths” at some places and pink booths at other places, he added.