Central Waqf Council reconstituted

New Delhi: Government of India has reconstituted the Central Waqf Council. 10 members have been nominated for the Central Waqf Council. Minority Affairs ministry issued gazette notification in this connection on February 4, which was formally announced on Tuesday. It must be noted that Waqf Council has 20 members. The chairman of the committee is Minority affairs minister and the term of the committee is 3 years.

As per the gazette notification issued by Minority Affairs ministry, Rayees Khan Pathan (New Delhi), Haneef Ali (Hyderabad), Mohammed Haroon (New Delhi), Dr Darakhshan Indrabi (Jammu & Kashmir), Waseem Rahat Ali Khan (Mumbai), Mrs Dr Syed Tanveer Nasreen (Kolkata), advocate Naushad (Kerala), Mrs S Munawwari Begum (Tamil Nadu) and Syed Zainul Abideen Ali Khan (Rajasthan) are the members of newly constituted Waqf Council.