Can Muslims expect amendment in IX schedule by BJP?

Hyderabad: The strategy by Mr. KCR to provide 12% reservation for Muslims would be successful or not is a big question which remains to be answered in the next few days. CM wants the BC Commission to recommend these reservation so that a resolution could be passed in State Assembly. To be sent to parliament for amending IX schedule.

Newly designated Chairman of BCs Commission, Mr. BS Ramalu met KCR yesterday after taking charge. It is understood that KCR has instructed him about Muslim reservation issue. KCR Govt. is making an attempt to create and impression that it is serious about 12% for Muslims. If it fails in its attempts, blame would be on the Central Govt.

The question which needs serious consideration is that in BJP led State Governments in Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat reservations were provided to Gujjar, Jat and Patel communities but courts have struck down these reservations. If PM Modi wants to ensure reservations for these communities, he can suggest amendments in the IX schedule of constitution but he is silent. In such a situation, can Muslims expect Mr. Modi that he would suggest amending IX of constitution? How far KCR Govt. would be successful in providing reservations to Muslims without disturbing the present reservations for BCs is a question to be seen in the days to come.

–Siasat News