Indiscriminate arrest of Muslim youth on suspicion inappropriate – Sudheer Commission

Hyderabad: Sudheer Commission of Inquiry which was constituted to enquire into social, educational and economic backwardness of Muslims has made recommendations to uplift Muslim community. In its report submitted to Govt. in August this year. It has recommended to the Govt. persuade the police not to arrest Muslim youths only on the basis of suspicion and ensure communal harmony in the capital city of Hyderabad.

It also recommended for the constitution of Equal Opportunities Commission so that fair opportunities could be ensured to the Muslims in Govt. jobs. This commission will also monitor various welfare schemes meant for minorities.

Sudheer Commission accepted that more than 80% of Muslims are educationally and economically backward. It has also pointed out the deteriorating standards of Urdu medium schools. It recommended the Govt. to teach English to Urdu medium student as a subject. It suggested that jobs falling under SCs, STs reservations in Urdu medium schools should be filled up through minority candidates. One of the most important suggestions of Sudheer Commission is to allocate sufficient funds for Minorities by providing sub-plan in the budget. It suggested to the Govt. to release full amounts of the budget and not to divert it to other schemes. It felt the need to streamline the system of fees reimbursement and scholarships. It recommended to introduce modern subjects like Science, Mathematics and English in Deeni Madrasas. In order to overcome the shortage of officers in All India Administrative Services like IAS, IPS and IFS, it suggested promoting the officials from the lower cadres. It also recommended nominating a Muslim member in the selection committees of various departments. It felt the need to strengthen the Dept. of Minorities Welfare.

–Siasat News