Burial arrangements of destitute Muslim dead bodies – Siasat’s yeomen services applauded

Hyderabad: The news of the worst condition of the dead bodies in the mortuary of Osmania General Hospital published in the media has shaken the society. Officials also feel helpless. The situation is that the unclaimed dead bodies have been dumped one upon the other mercilessly which is causing foul smell in the mortuary. It may also affect the health of the neighbouring habitation.


Earlier, such a situation was also brought to the notice of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily. On receiving such painful information that the unclaimed Muslim dead bodies are being cremated cumulatively, he took a decision to bury Muslim dead bodies in Islamic manner with full respects. He desired the Commissioner of Police to handover destitute Muslim bodies to Siasat Urdu Daily for their burial. Police agreed to this proposal. After this, the system of burial of unclaimed Muslim dead bodies started under the auspices of Siasat Urdu Daily.


So far, more than 4000 Muslim unclaimed dead bodies were buried. Now the system is that no unclaimed Muslim dead body is given to GHMC. Every week, 4-5 Muslim dead bodies are buried by Siasat. This yeomen service of Siasat Urdu Daily is being applauded by the community and philanthropists are financially extending their cooperation.


It may be mentioned that recently, 200 unclaimed dead bodies are lying in the mortuary of Osmania General Hospital and none of them is a Muslim.


–Siasat News