Bulanshahr violence: Cow Carcasses were 48 hrs old, used to incite violence and disturb communal harmony

New Delhi: Bulandshahr violence that killed an on duty-officer and a civilian after cow carcasses were found in the district revealed they were more than 48 hours old.

The violence started due to rumours of cow slaughter in region. IG Crime SK Bhagat told India Today that “the carcasses found in Bulandshahr, which became the root cause of violence in the area was actually 48 hours old.”

However the prime accused in the Bulandshahr violence, Yogesh Raj, said in his FIR that he witnessed the slaughter of cows in the village on December 3 and found carcasses on the farms, which had further aggravated tensions among the villagers which led to the violence.

“According to preliminary investigations, carcasses recovered from ground zero were at least 48 hours old. Investigation is on and things will be clearer once probe is completed,” SK Bhagat said.

Crime IG Bhagat said the Bulandhshahr violence was an intentional one planned by some outfits to disrupt the communal harmony of the area.

Two 10-year-old Muslim boys names came up in the FIR filed by Yogesh but their families blamed the right-wing Hindu organisations for dragging their children’s names into the matter, India today reports.

“These outfits are not even sparing kids to polarise society and create communal tensions in the region. We want to thank inspector Subodh Kumar, he averted what could have been another Dadri,” one of the boys’ family members said.

The Police has however arrested Saifuddin from Nayabaans village for his alleged involvement in illegal cow slaughter as claimed by Yogesh Raj.

“It is a planned conspiracy. One day before the clash took place, Yogesh Raj [the prime accused] mobilised people and provoked them against Muslims living in the village,” said family member of Saifuddin.

“On the day of the clash, Sumit went to drop a friend off but never returned. He had nothing to do with the violence or cow slaughter but he still became a victim of mob violence, which should never have happened,” said Sumit’s relative.

Meanwhile amid investigations, Yogesh Raj’s family member said “Our son was a member of Bajrang Dal. He gave everything he had for cow protection. We could never imagine that his social work will be turned against him.”

Post mortem report of Inspector Subodh Kumar have arrived which revealed he was shot in head from a distance of six-seven feet.