1:1 Bet for TRS win in Nandyal, big Bets for TRS

The betting in the Telangana State elections has been active right from the time when election date was announced, with the odds equal for the TRS retaining power. According to the sources, Betters had bet as much as 10 crores on the Telangana elections in just Nandyal town in Kurnool.

The bets were placed on overall results, the betting was 1:1 which means If you bet Rs 100 and win, the chances are that you will win 1:1 meaning you get Rs 100 for your stake of Rs 100.

Betting was also on a hung assembly with the TRS not hitting the 60 mark but forming a government with the support of the MIM and independents.

A person who bet on the winning chances of a Congress leader said, “Revanth Reddy from Kodangal is considered to be the strongest in the contest. Possibilities of Revanth Reddy losing Kodangal is minimal. If you bet Rs 1,000 on his victory chances, you will receive Rs 380 in return.”

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