Build confidence: Mustafa Parvez advises the students

Hyderabad: Siasat Urdu Daily organized a special seminar for the failed candidates of SSC and Intermediate at Mahboob Husain Jigar Hall, Siasat office complex yesterday. Mr. Mustafa Parvez addressed the students and reviewed the mistakes committed by the students which led to their failures. He analyzed that not going to school or college regularly, not preparing right from the beginning, not concentrating on class work, wasting time in attending marriages and other function, depending on friends and on copying, watching TV most of the time, indulging in romances, relying on the leakage of question papers, depending on worship and prayers on the last moment and disobedience of parents are the causes responsible for their failures. He advised the students not to repeat their future. He also told that disappointment and committing suicide is forbidden in Islam. He highlighted the methods to achieve success through organized planning in studies.


A large number of students attended the seminar.



–Siasat News