Teaching is a noble profession, says Mahmood Ali of Gujarat

Hyderabad: Teaching is a noble profession. When a person acquires training in education and joins teaching profession, he associates himself with the task of molding the minds of the students. He shapes the future of the students. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Mahmood Ali of National Career Council of Surat (Gujarat). He was delivering a lecture at Siasat’s Mahboob Husain Jigar Hall yesterday for the benefit of the students who are making an attempt to take TET and other examinations leading to teaching profession.


Continuing his lecture, he told that when a good teacher enters the classroom, the students feel happy whereas when a bad teacher goes out of the classroom, the students feel happy. Any amount of teacher training cannot make an effective teacher. Teachers are born not created. Every teacher should be a model for the students.


On this occasion, Mr. M.A. Hameed, Career Counselor of Siasat highlighted the details of TET. He informed that it is essential for the candidates to get 60% (90 marks) which makes them eligible for DSC.



–Siasat News