Body of imams against use of DJs, dance in weddings

Sambhal: A group of imams, under the banner Tehreek Islah-e-Ummat, has said that marriages where DJs are used and song and dance performances held, would not be solemnised as these are against the ‘Shariat’.

At a meeting on August 15, a decision was taken by this group to act against social evils and extravagance in marriages including the use of DJs and song and dance performances.

“It has been decided to act against social evils. And for this, we have decided that we will not get a marriage solemnised if people did not shun these evils. We will boycott such marriages, where DJs are used, dance and music are performed as these are against Shariat,” Shahar Imam Kaji Mugrab, who chaired the meeting, said.

The meeting was attended by 40 imams of the city and many others, he said.

Another member of the organisation, Mutwalli Badre Alam said that three key decisions were taken at the meeting.

These were not to attend or solemnise marriages where there is an “open display of dowry”, use of DJ, loud music and dance as well as discouraging buffet systems where people eat while standing, Alam said.

“It was seen that when DJs are playing, the youth dance in an inebriated state and sometimes indulge in celebratory firing causing deaths. We will not be attending and solemnising such nikaahs,” he said.

The organisation also decided not to favour those weddings where a buffet system is place and people eat while standing.

A committee has been formed by the organisation to make people aware of these decisions.