Blame game: Muslims, Syrian refugees not responsible for Paris attack, Twitterati defends

The attacks in Paris that have killed over 105 innocent people have sparked a cycle of blame and outrage towards Muslims around the world.

However, some people on Twitter believe that refugees are responsible for Friday’s tragedy in which innocent people being murdered by terrorists.

But unfortunately the number of Twitter users who blame the syrian refugees exceed the users defending them.

These syrian refugees are not running for their lifes , with their loved ones to blow up other countries. They need safe haven, where will they get rifles from?

These people don’t even have food, then how are they going to find grenades from? They need clothes, medical aid, rehabilitation.

Tthey don’t have the knowledge or the sense of right and wrong to carry out a pre-planned attacks in one of the most popular capitals of the world.

What happened in Paris was an horrofic attack of unprecendented scale. Twitter is filled with trolls blaming innocent syrian refugees who are already going through a lot in the country.

With inputs from IndiaTimes