Imams, Muezzins wait for honorarium, Masajid Committees forced to make rounds of Waqf Board

Telangana government released Rs. 12 Cr to Waqf Board to pay honorarium to Imams and Muezzins but even after 3 months of releasing the amount, the guidelines for the scheme have not been formulated. Similarly the government had released amount for grant in aid to Masajid, graveyards and other religious institutions for their construction and repair which is with district collectors but the amount has not been released yet.

Government has sought clarification from the Waqf Board for delay in releasing the amount and directed Waqf board to issue notification for payment of honorarium to Imams and Muezzins within one week. Government has decided to pay Rs. 1000 monthly as honorarium to Imams and Muezzins of 5000 masajid of Telangana.

Meanwhile Masajid and graveyard Committees are making rounds of Waqf Board to get grant in aid sanctioned by the government.

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