BJP’s Dalit MP lambasts ‘proponents of nationalism’ over attacks on Dalits

BJP MP Udit Raj on Sunday hit out at the alleged “protectors of the Hindu religion” and “proponents of nationalism” over the recent spate of attacks on Dalits, asking if the value of Dalits was less than that of animals.

“It is surprising that some ‘gau rakshaks’ consider Dalit lives to be of lesser value. Somewhere there is ban on entry of Dalits in temples, somewhere Dalits are killed for skinning of dead cows and somewhere Dalits are exploited for agitating.

“The ‘so called protectors’ of the Hindu religion must answer if they consider lives of Dalits to be of less value than animals,” Udit Raj said in his address at the concluding session of the 19th annual national conference of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations of which he is chairman.

Udit Raj also asked why these “protectors of the Hindu religion” don’t come forward to oppose instances of atrocities against Dalits.

“Why do only Dalits come forward in case of atrocities of Dalits? Do the proponents of Indian nationalism not consider them to be a part of Indian society? Or are they not a part of the ideal Indian nation,” he wondered.

The MP from North West Delhi said that due to such behaviour, Dalits are forced to embrace other religions.

“Dalits who believe in religion, if doors of temples remain closed to them, they are forced to go to Buddhist monasteries, mosques and churches,” he said.

Referring to the Una incident in Gujarat, where Dalits were beaten by “Gau Rakshak Dal” and the Mainpuri incident in Uttar Pradesh, where a Dalit couple was killed for Rs 15, he said: “These incidents are not due to money, but due to the social framework of our country.”

He also took a dig at the Congress, saying that “if the rule of law could have been established in India after Independence, then such incidents would not gave occurred”.

Cautioning the BJP, Udit Raj said the recent spate of attacks on the community members “will have a bearing” on the assembly polls scheduled for 2017.

“Any social or political incident has a bearing and will have bearing,” he told reporters later.

He also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all the Chief Ministers to take up the matter strongly and ensure rule of law is there.

Asking the government to ensure that the perpetrators of the recent Una incident are brought to justice by fast track courts and the rule of law is established in India, he said: “A mechanism must be brought into force so such acts are tried under fact track courts.”

Udit Raj also took on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who said that all Dalit Bharatiya Janata Party MPs should resign to protest the assault on the community by “BJP goons”.

“He (Kejriwal) has no moral right to preach to us. What has he done for the community,” Udit Raj told IANS.

On Saturday, Udit Raj had also said that Hinduism was in danger because of its “so-called protectors”.