BJP spokesperson disrespects Quran, Islam; attacks Mahtab Osmani during debate on Sudarshan channel

New Delhi: A debate was organised on Sudarshan channel on the issue of Muslim women’s entry into the mosques. During the debate, BJP spokesperson Priya Chaudhry spoke about Quran and Islam with disrespect. When one of the panellists Mahtab Osmani objected on this, she started beating him. Apart from Priya Chaudhry three other sadhus also assaulted Mahtab Osmani.

An Urdu newspaper with reference to INN reported that Mahtab Osmani, Shamsul Hasan Abidi and his wife participated in the debate. Some Muslim women from old Delhi were also called for it. BJP spokesperson Priya Chaudhry was also present. According to Mahtab Osmani, Priya Chaudhry spoke badly about the Quran. Mahtab Osmani tried to silence her by reciting an Urdu verse, on which Priya Chaudhry got up and attacked Mahtab Osman. Emulating her three sadhus also assaulted him resulting in bleeding of his nose.