Hyderabad: 57-yr-old, Sabiha stranded in Jordan returns

Hyderabad: 57-year-old Hyderabadi woman who was stranded at Amman airport in Jordan due to her expired passport, returned home early Thursday morning. Woman’s family appreciated the quick response and action taken by External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj and thanked her.

The New Indian Express reported that Sabiha’s brother Mohd Farooq Ali, told that Sabiha was married to Yemeni national Yahiya Hadi Ahmed, and was living in Dar al-Hajar in Yemen since 2006. Her passport had expired in October 2016, however, she could not renew it due to the conflict situation in Yemen.

When she planned to return to Hyderabad, the travel agents assured her that she could still travel with her expired passport. She even boarded a flight from Aden International Airport in Jeddah, Yemen on April 16, but was detained by airport authorities at Amman in Jordan.

Appreciating the efforts of MEA, Farooq stated that the Ministry of External Affairs had responded to his call for help within hours.