BJP accuses TRS Govt of cheating people on 2BHK houses

BJP floor leader in Assembly Dr. K. Lakshman on Thursday accused the TRS Government of cheating the people with the promise of providing 2BHK houses.

Speaking to media persons in Assembly premises here, Lakshman said that the MIM and TRS leaders were accepting thousands of applications from poor women for 2BHK houses. He said that the State Government has sanctioned only 400 houses per Assembly constituency. Further, he said houses could not be allocated without conducting Socio-Economic Survey to identify the deserving beneficiaries. However, the MIM and TRS leaders were openly cheating the poor women on the issue, he said.

Lakshman said that the Central Government has sanctioned 60,000 houses for Telangana State under various schemes. However, the TRS Government was yet to identify locations and beneficiaries for these houses. He also criticised the State Government for not allocating nearly 30,000 houses, which were constructed during previous regimes, among poor beneficiaries. He said those houses have been lying vacant since a very long time. (INN)