Begging women hires babies at Rs 200

Visakhapatnam: A begging women hoding a baby child near the railway station, bus station, shopping center, supermarket, traffic junctions in cities is quite common, especially in the port city of Visakhapatnam.

But from are these women carrying babies at traffic junctions are biological mothers of the babies?. The answer is no! Even some expectant mothers seeking alms were found to be faking pregnancy.

District Child Protection officer A Satyanarayana told Express,“The drive was conducted at major junctions like NAD ,RTC complex, RK Beach,Satyam Junction, super markets and some hotels . Carrying crying infants, faking pregnancy make it easier for these women (beggars) as it can easily evoke an instant emotional response from the crowd.”

The position of women in whom it is greater.On the side of the road to ask for alms for the poor parents on a regular basis go to hire.Only one women’s group to pick up the child each time to walk ask for alms.

We have identified atleast 17 women. Some of whom might have been known to migrate to other states officer.

Uncovering about the math of the exchange, B Naresh Kumar, the author and president of a NGO Generation Yuva said, “In the most recent two months, the city saw a rise in the quantity of women beggars of 17 to 18 years in age, faking pregnancy. They win `300 to `500 every day of which they pay off `200 to the biological parentsof the newborn children.”

On a few events, a group of women hire a single baby and they carry the infant on different city junctions in shifts across the day.