Beauty colours lipstick for every skin tone

Beauty colours lipstick for every skin tone
Photo: ANI

New Delhi: Choosing make-up for your skin tone goes far beyond getting the foundation right. However, there are a few colours in make-up products that look flattering and stunning on anyone, irrespective of skin tone.

Roy N Subramoney, Managing Director, INGLOT Cosmetics, APAC and Middle East, lists some trends that will work well on every skin tone:

* The iconic red lipstick: There’s something magical about the red lipstick. A flattering red lipstick can pull your look together, even if you’re not wearing heavy make-up. Available in matte, gloss and shimmer, the red lipstick can complete your make up look even if you opt for a minimalistic look. There is a shade of red lipstick for every skin tone. Fair toned women can pick cool-toned red lipsticks with hints of blue and purple. For medium skin tones, orange-red shades work well. A poppy red also helps cancel out any sallowness in medium skin tones. On dark complexions, deep, bright, matte reds work well. One can opt for, candy-apple reds.

* Neutral colours in eyeshadows: Eye shadows are an integral part of eye make-up. Whether fair/medium/dark skin tones, one can create sultry looking eyes with neutral eye shadows. Neutral tones are the best to create a natural look which works well as day wear, for brunch and other day occasions alike!

* Bronze toned blush: The blush is always an important make-up product in your collection. The blush, even when applied in a small amount, brings out the inner glow, highlights cheekbones and defines the face. A cinnamon or deep bronze toned blush works well for all skin tones be it fair/ medium/dark and works like magic to transform a muted regular wear look into a glamorous glow.