Ban on triple talaq not against Quran: Prof. Tahir Mahmood

New Delhi: Former Chairman National Minority Commission, former member of Law Commission of India and author of a number of books on Islamic law, Prof. Tahir Mahmood said that if any legislation is introduced to ban the un-Islamic practice of triple talaq, it will not contradict with Quranic law of divorce.

Prof. Mahmood was commenting upon the media report that government is planning to introduce a new legislation to outlaw instantaneous Triple Talaq. He said though it seems to be a political gimmick ahead of ensuing election, but if the government is serious then it is meaningless to form a ministerial panel, instead a committee comprising of selected legal experts should be formed which can make an outline for the proposed law.

Prof. Mahmood said that various speculations made by the society and media regarding the nature of the concerned law is unnecessary and misleading. Such rumours should be avoided until the draft comes to light.

Prof. Mahmood made it clear if a law is introduced which considers pronouncing ‘Talaq’ three times in one sitting as one talaq, it would be same as is being practiced in almost all Muslim countries. But if for effective implementation of the law, instantaneous Triple Talaq is termed as an offence and invites punishment, then it won’t be wrong as well, as Islamic history has such example.