Lionel Messi’s photo draws eyes on Higuain’s shape

Madrid: Argentine forward Lionel Messi must not have even thought that posting a picture on social media would draw flak on his fellow player.

Barcelona’s trip to Turin gave Messi the chance to hang out with his Argentina fellows Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain, and the 30-year-old also shared a picture of the three on Facebook, captioning, “a reunion of Argentines in Turin”, reports Marca.

Higuain was without a T-shirt in the picture which invited criticism from people for his

One sarcastically wrote that Higuain should give up McDonalds to lose those extra kilos whereas some other commented that he should be ashamed to come out with such body.

“Isn’t Higuain ashamed to come out without a shirt on?” a comment read.

Barcelona played out a goalless draw against Juventus F.C. in the Champions League on Tuesday in Turin.

The Argentina star Messi was surprisingly dropped in the match to play only in the 56th minute.